Diabetes is a condition that can affect your entire body if not handled correctly. This disease can be particularly hard on your feet without the right diabetic foot care from a qualified Chiropodist. Here at Dufferin Foot Clinic, our goal is to help those who deal with diabetes in Chennai, India to care for their feet in a way that improves the function.

Diabetes is caused by chronically high blood sugar levels. Simply put, the body lacks the ability to produce insulin, which helps to lower blood sugar levels. Diabetes is particularly harmful to the feet because it limits the body’s ability to fight off infections that can affect the extremities.

Without proper control and care, many diabetics in Chennai, India deal with nervous system damage that limit the use of their feet. We are here to ensure that you have the knowledge and the tools to protect your feet from harm.

Risk Factors for Your Feet
If you deal with diabetes, it’s important that you are aware of habits that can be detrimental to your feet.

  • Poor fitting shoes
  • Flat feet
  • Corns & Calluses
  • Joint Deformity
  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Infections
  • Smoking
  • Foot trauma
  • Poor circulation
  • Peripheral Neuropathy

It may be necessary for you to wear orthotics or prescription shoes that prevent additional damage to your feet.

Diabetics may also deal with nerve damage in the feet also known as peripheral neuropathy. When the nerves in your feet are damaged from poorly controlled diabetes, you may lack the ability to feel your feet completely. It’s also difficult to feel the position of your toes or feet while you are balancing and walking. This can lead to additional, debilitating damage to your feet.

If your nerves are damaged from poorly controlled diabetes, it’s also difficult to determine if your shoes are too tight or cutting off your circulation, leading to an ulcer.