Provides the following services.

(i) Doppler Studies – These non-invasive vascular tests can be used for:
(a) diagnosis and quantification of PVD(Peripheral Vascular Disease)
(b) predicting wound healing of a diabetic foot ulcer
(c) follow-up and control of treatment
(d) Colour Doppler (Duplex)scan to study the extent and severity of PVD and to aid the vascular surgeon to decide about management.

(ii) Biothesiometry Test (BT Test) –
This study isdone using a small electronic instrument to determine vibration perception. These tests have been shown to be a good indicator of diabetic neuropathy.

(iii) Monofilament Test – 10g monofilamentis used for this test. Inability to perceive the 10g monofilament at the toes or dorsum of the foot predicts future occurrence of a diabetic foot ulcer.


(iv) Tip Therm – This instrument determines the thermal perception in the nerve endings, measuring warm and cold perception separately. This quantitative measurement helps an early diagnosis and staging of neuropathy.