The Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement System (STAR) has been approved by the FDA. The new ankle prosthesis is the first of its type — a mobile-bearing device (bearings move across a polyethylene surface). There are several fixed-bearing ankle devices that are already FDA-approved. With fixed-bearing devices, the articulating surface is attached or molded to one of its metallic parts.

The STAR presents another option to ankle fusion surgery and is said to more closely function like a natural ankle. As a condition of approval, the manufacturer will evaluate safety and effectiveness for 8 years.

Knee Joint Replacement
Most total knee replacement surgeries are executed by the minimally invasive approach that provide multiple benefits to patients mainly in terms of faster recovery, shorter hospital stay and incidental impact on cost and comfort.

Joint replacement is an inevitable solution for worn out joints, as it ensures painless mobility and allows the patient to get back to near-normal activity levels. Joint replacement, as a centre of excellence at Global Hospitals, hosts a dedicated Operation Theatre and ICU and is supported by highly skilled and specially trained support staff.

Knee Surgery
Keyhole arthroscopic procedures like complete arthroscopic ACL reconstructions, meniscal repairs and cartilage repairs are performed at the department. A complete post-operative rehabilitation protocol is provided for the enhanced recovery of the patient.